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Ice cream is a great indulgent treat, and one that you can make at home. Using an ice cream maker is fun and easy. You can create countless different flavors and experiment with your mix-in ingredients. There is a wide variety of ice cream machines available for use in home, with a product to fit every need and budget. With so many options to choose from, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the different types of ice cream makers on the market.

The original ice cream machines were made from buckets and hand-cranked. The ice cream was created by the chemical reaction produced when rock salt and ice were mixed. To make ice cream with this type of machine, the ingredients were placed into one bowl, which was then put into another, larger outer bowl. The space that was created by the difference in the bowl size was filled with a salt and ice mix. The reaction between the salt and ice caused the ice cream ingredients to begin freezing, and a hand-turned paddle attached to the bucket ensured the ice cream froze evenly. You can still purchase this type of maker today. For those wanting a traditional experience, hand-cranked, bucket-style ice cream makers are available. There are also electric bucket-style makers for more modern sensibilities, which work the exact same way as the manual machine with the exception of the paddle being turned by electricity.

Newer, solely electric ice cream makers can make larger batches of ice cream at one time than a hand crank bucket can produce. One style of machine has a removable bowl with a gel solution between the walls of the bowl. When placed in a freezer, this gel will solidify and freeze. When the solution is frozen, the bowl is fastened back into place on the machine and ice cream ingredients can be placed into the bowl. Then, the machine is powered on and an electric paddle mixes the ingredients as they freeze. Some models are made to rotate the bowl itself instead of utilizing a paddle.

There is also another type of electric ice cream maker that does not require rock salt and ice or a freezer bowl. Because the appliance itself has a built-in freezer system, it is self-cooling and efficient. Nothing has to be prepared ahead of time; the ice cream ingredients simply have to be poured into the machine and the appliance started. This is the simplest of all the ice cream machines to use, and produces ice cream faster than any other maker. However, this type of machine is more expensive than others, which may be an issue if budget is a concern.

All the ice cream makers described will produce excellent, tasty, quality ice cream. Among the three major types of machines, there are various brands and models to choose from. This gives you an even greater range of options from which to choose the perfect ice cream maker for you.

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