The Ice Cream Maker Elite

The Ice Cream Maker Elite

Monday, August 8th, 2011

If you have a large family, or have a large groups of friends to feed and entertain, You will need an ice cream maker that can handle the job. You can purchase a commercial style compressor ice cream maker that can make batch after batch without waiting. No pre-chill or freezing bowl is required.
That means frozen desserts are ready to enjoy sooner. With today’s ice cream makers it is faster and easier than ever to treat friends and family to rich and creamy gourmet ice cream.

You can purchase these in different sizes to feed the large number of people that are usually around to eat ice cream with you. The commercial style ice cream maker is fully automatic with a 60-minute timer and has brushed stainless steel housing, with a transparent lid and ingredient spout

The compressor ice cream maker can make batch after batch of scrumptious ice cream, fruity sorbet, silky smooth frozen yogurt, and even your favorite ice summer drinks. Just add the ingredients and turn it on. It’s as easy as pie.
The spout is large to eliminate spills when adding ingredients, while the double-insulated bowl freezes ingredients evenly for consistently smooth and creamy results. And the bowl and paddle are removable for easy cleaning.

With this type of homemade ice cream maker you will be ready for any party or any occasion where ice cream or any other frozen desserts are to be served. You and your ice cream maker will be in great demand. You can create different ice cream flavors in advance and store in your freezer. This will allow you to prepare for a party in advance, or just to have ice cream on hand at a moments notice. You may just want to have a bowl of that cold good stuff all by yourself on a sunny afternoon by the pool. Or you may have one or two friends dropping by to spend time with you by the pool.
And you don’t have to limit yourself to ice cream. You may want a frozen drink to refresh you after working in the garden.

The bushed stainless housing on this ice cream maker will look very handsome sitting on your kitchen counter top. There is no need to put it away between uses, just keep it sitting there to use at a moments notice. Even the kids will enjoy making themselves icy fruit drinks when they come in from playing in the hot sunshine.

Here is a recipe your family and friends will enjoy as a new and special treat.

Coconut Ice Cream
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup coconut flakes – packed
8oz can of sweetened coconut cream
Blend the milk and coconut cream in a food processor. When smooth, carefully stir in the cream and coconut flakes. Then follow the manufacturers directions for your ice cream maker.

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